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Recommendation: Heartbreaker by Sarah MacLean

If you like...A fearless badass heroine that knows her worth

If you like...Just one bed at the roadside inn

If you like...Having characters that are so perfectly matched it makes your heart flutter

Adelaide Frampton is a lot of things: thief, wallflower, Matchbreaker. She plays every role to perfection, never getting caught until the work of the Hell's Belles forces her to cross paths with Henry, Duke of Clayborn. Henry has worked too hard to maintain his reputation to let his family secrets come to light, even if that means chasing the infuriating Adelaide across the country. They challenge each other, both up against an equal for the first time. Experiencing them fall in love, surrounded by intrigue and adventure, is all the best of what historical romance has to offer.

Subgenre: Historical

Tropes: Duke, Road Trip, One Bed

Does it Bang: Yes, it does

Published: 8/23/2022

"For a moment, he was distracted by those skirts...By the soft scent of her - thyme and fresh rain and secrets - forevermore the scent he would associate with trouble."


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