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Recommendation: Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn

If you like...two people finding love at a sick bed

If you like...a misunderstood grump matches with an overlooked bit of sunshine

If you like...a lovely depiction of a mother/daughter relationship

Honoria Smythe Smith has been waiting to make a match for years. A scandal that sent her brother fleeing the country didn't help her prospects but this season she is determined to wed. Unbeknownst to her, Marcus Holroyd, aka her brother's best friend, has agreed to watch over Honoria in his absence. Marcus has taken this as an opportunity to scare away all of Honoria's potential suitors, but it isn't until she nurses him back to health that he realizes his own feelings for her. This book exists in the Bridgerton universe and features everyone's favorite meddling aunt, Lady Danbury.

Subgenre: Historical

Series Name: Smythe Smith Quartet

Tropes: Regency, Sickbed, Brother's Best Friend, Friends to Lovers

Does it Bang: Yes, it does

Published: 5/31/2011

"Her words landed softly in the crook of his neck, almost like a kiss. He sighed and went still, allowing himself a moment to savor the warmth of her breath against his skin."


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